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The Chicken Runs at Midnight

May 16, 2010

My daughter and I share countless inside jokes and greatly enjoy teasing each other. That was my first thought when I read about Amy Donnelly’s question to her dad in this article for by Tim Kurkjian. Amy Donnelly’s story does not have a happy ending . . . and yet there is hope in this story, and peace, and joy, and much, much love.

Amy Donnelly

When then-Pirates third base coach Rich Donnelly would crouch down, cup his hands and shout to the runner on second base, his daughter, Amy, once asked him, “Dad, what are you yelling to the runner, ‘The chicken runs at midnight’?” The statement had no origin, no specific meaning, yet became a buzz phrase in the Donnelly home, and among the Pirates. When Pittsburgh second baseman Jose Lind ran on the field before a game in 1992, a microphone caught him yelling to teammates, “Let’s go, the chicken runs at midnight!”

Amy Donnelly was diagnosed with (more…)