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Reinvent Yourself!

March 13, 2009

man-thinking-on-couch-notepadIf you are not happy in your current job, or are unemployed and willing to settle for whatever comes your way, do what you must to pay the bills but challenge yourself to think bigger.

Your destiny is patiently waiting for you to answer these questions: What productive activities do you get so immersed in that you lose all sense of time? When do eating and sleeping become nuisances?

Do not censor yourself—make the list as long as you would like. List everything that adds beauty and joy to your world.

Be bold. Close your eyes, and watch your imagination jump the fence of your comfort zone and gallop toward the vast open fields of your unclaimed potential.

No matter where your heart leads you, (more…)

Pursue Your Right Livelihood

February 27, 2009

woman-working-silk-loomYou will find your ideal career when you strike the right balance between intuition and intellect, and learn to distinguish the call of your spirit from the often misguided urgings of your ego.

Ultimately, you must follow your heart. Listen closely and you will find that it beats in concert with the heart of all creation.

When you are truly aligned with spirit and you truly long to do meaningful work, the world is in need of whatever it is you feel you need to do.

Every dream, no matter how insignificant it may sound to others, is sacred. Give yourself to it fully and you will live with peace and purpose for the rest of your days. (more…)

Left-Brain + Right-Brain = Whole-Brain Thinking

December 11, 2008

I loved my job as operations manager for a small investment management firm. Numbers have always been a second language to me, and the work required me to be logical, methodical, and organized—useful traits which continue to serve me well.

In my early thirties, however, writing started tugging gently and persistently on my sleeve. I threw it a bone now and then by crafting humorous bits for local radio stations and covering the comedy scene for a weekly newspaper. The tipping point came when I began selling ideas to major greeting card companies. The beast became insatiable and demanded to be fed.

left-brain-right-brainMy priorities shifted. The left-brain work that had once satisfied me became a distraction from the right-brain work I was now consumed with. My job performance began to suffer; soon, my responsibilities were reduced, and I eventually was shown the door. I was equal parts relieved and scared. I knew that the kind of work I needed to do no longer involved balancing bank and brokerage statements.

As I heeded the siren call of my creative muse, my new vocation began to take shape. I began writing feature articles for local magazines, advertising copy for catalog companies, and corporate writing jobs wherever I could find them. (more…)