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Lisa Garr’s Interview with Caroline Myss

March 27, 2012

Caroline Myss

Lisa Garr welcomed spiritual author and speaker Caroline Myss to The Aware Show, a talk radio program focusing on self development in all areas of life for healing and achievement. Lisa’s 106-minute interview with Caroline is a master class in the archetypes that are influencing our lives. Caroline talks in depth about the four universal archetypes—child, victim, prostitute, saboteur—that we all have, and how learning about the light and shadow sides of these archetypes will help you understand your Sacred Contract in this lifetime.

As Lisa, who is considered an expert in the field of lifestyle and transformational programming. puts it:

Lisa Garr

Your Sacred Contract animates your life and determines how you acknowledge your own power, how you use or deny your power, and the areas in your life in which you currently feel powerless. This interview will explain why you do the things you do, help you understand why others do the things they do, and ultimately help you improve your communication in all of your relationships, especially with yourself.

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The Consequences of Consequences

July 30, 2010

Karmic consequences are certain but unpredictable. The same cause may affect two people’s karmas very differently based on their previous karma, their sacred contracts, and an infinite number of other variables that all coalesce into effects that serve the highest good of each individual.

Thus every act or thought has consequences, which themselves will have consequences; life is the most intricate web of interconnections. This is the law of karma . . . (which) states simply that every event is both a cause and an effect. Every act has consequences of a similar kind, which in turn have further consequences and so on; and every act, every karma, is also the consequence of some previous karma.
Eknath Easwaran

Reincarnation explains why God’s plan for you (more…)