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Sparkly Brown Eyes

November 22, 2009

Do a kindness for someone and some day, somehow, it circles back to you. I can’t get enough of stories like this one. It’s by Robert Reynolds of Huron, Ohio. and appeared in the December 2009 issue of Guideposts.

Huron, Ohio, was where I’d spent my twenties, working on a steamer out on the Great Lakes. My wife and I started our family there, and later we came back to Huron to retire.

Then, during the final stages of construction on our new home, I had difficulty breathing. The doctor determined I needed open-heart surgery. I was admitted to a hospital in Sandusky. Everything was put on hold.

The night before my surgery, I was so worried I couldn’t sleep. I lay in my hospital bed, praying and thinking about the events in my life that had led me to this point. I remembered how I had fallen in love with Huron and its people. I remembered a Christmas many years ago…

The shipping season had been good to me, so that winter I decided to buy some Christmas gifts and help out a family in town.

“I know a family that would appreciate a visit from Santa Claus,” the owner of the marine supply store said. “A woman with (more…)