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Nudge, Nudge

December 11, 2011

On my way to Whole Foods tonight, I passed a woman on the sidewalk, startling her as I walked briskly by. She smiled and joked about it as I passed her. Once in the store, I saw her in the produce section and thought, “I’m supposed to talk to her.” That happens often; I can walk into a crowd of people and my attention is drawn to one or two people whom I’m supposed to meet. I’ve learned to pay attention to those intuitive commands and have grown fearless in following through with them. After all, what’s the worst that can happen when you cheerfully introduce yourself to someone?

That nudge-nudge feeling was confirmed when I ran into her two more times throughout the store. Finally, when we both were standing in front of the deli counter, the time was right. I said to her, “We keep on running into each other, so I figure that means I’m supposed to meet you.” She was delighted that I had struck up a conversation. She told me she had lived in Encinitas for many years. When I asked her what kind of work she did, she said she ran a guest house. Bingo! I immediately knew who she was before she told mer her name. It was (more…)