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Ego Swatting

November 28, 2008

two-men-standing-and-talkingWhenever I meet someone new, my ego keeps poking me like a little kid, badgering me to blurt out something impressive so the person I’m talking to will find me interesting and special and worth listening to.

I monitor myself continually in social situations, so I can see my ego barreling in from a mile away. Most of the time, I’m able to step in front of it and deflect it, but sometimes it crashes through my defenses and I find myself saying things like, “Yes, I wrote about that in my book.”

On the way home from a social gathering, I mentally scan my “ego vs. spirit” scorecard. On a good night, my ego gets shut out and I congratulate myself on my restraint. On a typical night, I gratuitously reference a recent achievement and drop a name or two.

It’s maddening! Even when I’m asking the other person questions about themselves and listening intently and genuinely, I’m constantly swatting my ego away. Yes, it’s certainly acceptable, even advisable, to share complimentary information about yourself during (more…)