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Bars and Melody Blow Up on YouTube

June 8, 2014


Charlie and Leondre of Bars and Melody

Charlie and Leondre of Bars and Melody

When thirteen-year-old Leondre and fifteen-year-old Charlie took the stage as Bars and Melody on the May 10, 2014 edition of Britain’s Got Talent, little did they know that their audition video would score more than thirty million hits over the next few weeks. Yep, thirty million!

Why are they called Bars and Melody? As Leondre explains, “I do the (more…)

Amira Willighagen—The Little Girl With the Big Voice

October 30, 2013

Amira Willighagen

Amira Willighagen

How does a nine-year-old girl go from obscurity in Holland to international fame in two and a half minutes?

If your name is Amira Willighagen, you step out on stage for Holland’s Got Talent and start to sing.

As soon as Amira, who taught herself to sing opera by watching YouTube tutorial videos, began her performance of Giacomo Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro, the judges’ collective jaw dropped to the floor.

“My brother Vincent plays violin, and I also (more…)

A “One and Only” Choir of Angels

June 25, 2012

Talk about a day brightener! This soulful rendition of Adele’s song, “One and Only,” performed by students at Staten Island’s PS22, was featured on ABC’s “World News Sunday.” Even more impressive, the kids just (more…)

Create! Today!

November 7, 2010

You say you want to write a book. Begin writing today! Until you write, you are not a writer.

A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be.
Abraham Maslow

You say you want to paint. Begin painting today! Until you paint, you are not a painter.

Alas for those who never sing and die with all their music in them.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

You say you (more…)

The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco

December 10, 2008


Charice’s March 2010 music video for Pyramid, written by David Jassy and Lyrica Anderson, also features R&B singer Iyaz.

Click here to buy Charice’s debut album, which went on sale May 11, 2010, a day after her eighteenth birthday!

Here's the cover for Charice's debut album, which dropped May 11, 2010!

And here is the official music video for Pyramid.

Following Charice’s success with Pyramid, posted a three-minute interview with her on July 1, 2010.


One night, when our daughter, Erin, was seven, Kate and I tucked her into bed. Kate had rushed upstairs to say goodnight during a commercial break from a show she was watching. After a couple minutes, Kate could hear her show coming back on so when Erin asked her for a lullaby, Kate suggested, “Have Daddy sing you one instead.” With that, she hurried downstairs. Erin looked at me, eyes pleading, and said, “Please don’t sing me a lullaby, Daddy.”

Yes, I was often reminded that I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it. But I have long envied people who can sing well. I often wondered what it must be like to be singing on stage and getting so lost in the music and your performance that the experience becomes nothing short of transcendental. What an incredible feeling that must be! Indeed, friends of mine who sing professionally confirm that it’s a feeling like no other.

I know, we all have our own talents, and I feel quite blessed to have mine, but still . . .


The once-in-a-generation voice of Charice Pempengco

I just wanted to give you a little background about why I am so impressed with Filipino Charice Pempengco, who was sixteen years old when I first encountered her. What a gift to be able to express such a great talent at such a young age. I love the way she pours her entire soul into her performance and sings with such power and authenticity, such joy and abandon. Ah, if only we all could express our unique gifts so magnificently!

Charice represents the kind of world we all pray for when we close our eyes and dare to dream. That may sound like an enormous and unreasonable burden to place on the shoulders of a sixteen-year-old girl, but ultimately, it is not how she shows up in the world that matters so much, it is how her joyous spirit touches us, lifts us up, makes us believe in not only her goodness but our own. Charice is far more than just a teenage girl, she is a force of nature. Her mere presence in this world blesses us and makes us strong.

Interview magazine once said about virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell that his playing “does nothing less than tell human beings why they bother to live.” You can add Charice to that list.