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World Premiere of the “Through God’s Eyes” Video Trailer!

May 20, 2014

I am pleased to present the brand-new video trailer for Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World.

As I mention in the video, I’d be happy to send you a free c (more…)

Synchronicity of a Song

June 25, 2010

English singer David Gray unknowningly prompted an Irish businessman to contact me

I received a gift of synchronicity on my birthday, June 17, from Eoin Barry, an Irish businessman who came upon my blog by chance. Then the story gets really interesting! Here is Eoin’s e-mail:

I have just read your blog. I was led to it by “accident”…. well I was sitting in the back garden pondering things and the radio was on in the background, in the kitchen. I went in, stood by it for a moment and closed my eyes thinking and connecting. A song by David Gray came on the radio: A Moment Changes Everything. I turned off the radio and retuned to my pc. I typed it, the title, into Google. Not looking up the song – just because I felt “inspired” to. Your YouTube book promotion video came up. I clicked on it and saw the cover of your book. When the cover was presented on the screen it was interesting to note that coincidentally the same image on the cover is the one I chose for (more…)

Thank You, Rachel!

March 10, 2010

Rachel Bird, a writer friend in Costa Mesa, California whom I met on Twitter many months ago, just made my day! She recently bought my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything, and sent me such a nice e-mail that I wanted to share it here. Thanks a million, Rachel!


THIS IS ME SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOP HOW AMAZING YOUR BOOK IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so blown away. I feel compelled to buy it for everyone I know.

When I closed it I felt like it had hugged (more…)

Thanks, Lindsay!

February 5, 2010

I received a nice unexpected surprise today when I stumbled upon an enthusiastic testimonial about my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything, by Lindsay Brown, managing editor at Beyond Words, which published my book. I had no clue she was going to write this. I only found out about it through my Google Alerts subscription. Here is what Lindsay wrote:


Managing Editor Lindsay Brown, shares with us her favorite book; the one she most enjoyed not only reading, but working on.

One of my ultimate favorite Beyond Words titles I’ve ever edited is Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. This collection of inspiring and intimate stories was tirelessly compiled by author Phil Bolsta and offers the reader forty-five unique personal accounts told honestly and without fluff.

Out of the hundreds of books I’ve edited in my career, Sixty Seconds has always stood out in my memory. Why? I (more…)

Yikes! Don’t Step in the Bolsta!

October 29, 2009

sixty-seconds-coverBarbara, my literary agent, e-mailed me yesterday with a publishing dilemma. A translated copy of my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything, was going to press in Brazil—but the publisher there said the book would not be taken seriously unless we changed my name on the front cover.

Why? Because my name, Bolsta, without the “l,” leaves “bosta,” which in Portuguese translates to . . . ummm, well . . . excrement.

Hilarious! I told Barbara to publish the book under the name Philip Charles, which is my first name and middle name. An easy fix.

When I told this story to an Iranian friend of mine, she informed me that Philip in Farsi means elephant. So of course my sister started calling me Elephant Excrement.

UPDATE: In September 2011, I started to tell this story to my daughter’s yoga teacher, who is from Brazil. All I had to say was that my book was translated into Portuguese and that my name was spelled B-O-L-S-T-A . . . and she burst out laughing! As my daughter commented, it’s nice to know that I am the laughingstock of an entire country!


Sixty Seconds is also being translated into German, Italian and Spanish. As far as I know, my name in those languages doesn’t equate to excrement or profanity, so we should be good to go!

Click here to visit the website of my Brazilian publisher.


Click here to visit the website of my Italian publisher.

Click here to order the Italian translation from Amazon.


Click here to visit the website of my German publisher.

Click here to order the German translation from Amazon.


Click here to visit the website of my Spanish publisher.

Click here to order the Spanish translation from Amazon.

Ironically, considering my Brazilian language snafu, I had written an article for Twin Cities Business magazine about companies that come up with names for products and organizations. In the following sidebar to the article, I wrote about foreign business translations gone bad. Get ready for some good yuks!


In 2002, Nametag International was wrapping up a project to name a new-generation healthcare information solution for one of the leading global manufacturers of engineering and electronics products. Nametag had screened the name Soarus in eight languages by running it through World Test, a linguistic screening tool that helps clients understand what a name might mean in other cultures. At the eleventh hour, the company mentioned it was planning a joint venture with an Israeli company, so Nametag added Yiddish and Hebrew to the mix. Oops. World Test spat out a sound-alike Yiddish word, tsoris, which meant “trouble and suffering.” Undaunted, Levin and Young began tinkering away. A few tweaks here, a few tweaks there, and they ended up with Soarian, a name that retained the strategic position of “rising above new heights” and allowed the company to own a truly global brand with no cultural difficulties.

Not all companies are so thorough. Here are our favorite naming nightmares.

• Coca-Cola in China was translated to Ke-kou-ke-la on thousands of signs. Unfortunately, the phrase means “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax” depending on the dialect.

• In Taiwan, “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” was translated to (more…)

Conversation with Neale Donald Walsch

September 6, 2009

I was honored to include Neale Donald Walsch in my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. Neale told me the following story in a phone conversation and I’m pleased to present it here, beginning with his bio.


Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch
is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose words are touching the world. He has written more than twenty books on spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, including the multimillion-selling, “With God” series: Conversations with God, Books I–III; Friendship with God; Communion with God; The New Revelations; Tomorrow’s God; What God Wants; and Home with God. Six of those books reached the New York Times Bestseller List. Walsch is the creator of four nonprofit organizations: The Group of 1000
, Humanity’s Team, the School of the New Spirituality, and the ReCreation Foundation, all of which seek to create a new spirituality on the planet. Click here to visit Neale’s primary website.

How Conversations with God first came to me was the most profound experience of my life. it was a dreary morning in February 1992. Everything in my life had fallen apart—my relationship with my significant other had gone downhill, my career had reached a dead end, and even my health was deteriorating rapidly. I couldn’t understand what was happening or why. I had obeyed all the rules I had been carefully taught by my parents, teachers, ministers, and various other life mentors, but I simply hadn’t achieved what I thought I ought to have achieved. And so I was deeply in depression for a number of months.

I was awakened (more…)

My Radio Interviews for “Sixty Seconds”

June 12, 2009

Here are some radio interviews I did for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. Hope you enjoy them!

It was a pleasure talking to hosts Dr. Vijaya Nair and Dr. Howard Peiper on their Kiss Your Life Hello Radio Show on December 9, 2009. Click on the audio player below to hear our 24-minute interview.

live-your-purpose-radio-logoHere is a 30-minute interview I did with Michelle Vandepas for her Live Your Purpose Radio Show. We discussed my book and blog as well as conscious livelihood and how to follow your destiny. The interview was broadcast on November 3, 2009. Click on the audio player below to hear it:

awakenings-radio-show-logoHere is a 79-minute interview I did with Michele Meiche for her Awakenings Radio Show. We discussed my book and blog, but mostly we talked about how to trust your guidance, follow your calling and live a more spiritual life. The interview was broadcast on August 7, 2009. Click on the audio player below to hear it:

welcome-changes-logoHere is a 57-minute interview I did with Velma Gallant for her Welcome Changes Radio Show. We discussed my book and blog and a wide range of spirituality-themed topics. The interview was broadcast on July 22, 2009. Click on the audio player below to hear it:

cirkla-logoHere is a 27-minute interview I did with Amy Jewell for her Cirkla Radio Show. We discussed my book and blog. The interview was broadcast on June 3, 2009. Click on the audio player below to hear it:


Caroline Myss’ Foreword for “Sixty Seconds”

March 25, 2009


Caroline Myss

I was honored that Caroline Myss, author of Entering the Castle, Anatomy of the Spirit and many other books, agreed to write the Foreword for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. She put a lot of time into it and did her usual outstanding job. Here is what she wrote:

One of the great ironies in life is that as much as we fear change, we are constantly praying for our life to change in some way. We recognize on some level that change is constant, that nothing remains the same forever, and yet we hold tight to the idea that change must be easily recognized and, above all, initiate minimal trauma. Another irony is that, for all our fear of change, we believe that for something to make a difference in our lives, it has to be grand, obvious, big, loud, expensive, and have a guaranteed outcome. We have an inherent mistrust of the subtle, much less anything that takes a while to come to fruition.

Yet, the truth is that the most meaningful events that have shaped our lives have, by far, been the smallest and the most subtle. Even within the greatest traumas of life, such as the loss of a loved one, a major accident, a sudden job loss, a divorce, or any of the other great sufferings of life, what is most remembered after the months pass and the individual begins speaking about a sorrowful event are the particularly healing or grace-filled interactions that occurred during the darkest of times.

A conversation with the right person at the right time has the power to (more…)

Joan Borysenko’s Deathbed Vigil For Her Mother

February 24, 2009

Joan Borysenko

When I interviewed Joan Borysenko for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. I asked her to tell me about her experience at her mother’s bedside the night she died. Here is an excerpt from that profoundly moving story:

Not long after that, we started the countdown because she was getting weaker and weaker. In the middle of the night, my twenty-year-old son, Justin, and I were sitting by her bed meditating when I suddenly had a very profound, very realistic vision. I was a pregnant mother giving birth, but I was also the baby being born. Throughout the vision I was perfectly lucid, and I was in my regular state of consciousness as well. I thought, How remarkable. I’m in two bodies and I’m conscious of being in both. And it occurred to me that that’s what the consciousness of God is, and that it’s present in every human being. Then my consciousness switched totally into the baby being born, and I found myself coming down a long dark tunnel and out into the light. Once I was in the light, I saw my entire relationship with my mother unveiled on an infinite number of layers. (more…)

My “Raising the Consciousness” Radio Interview

February 12, 2009

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Raising the Consciousness hosts Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman on Minneapolis radio station KTNF on Sunday, February 8, 2009. Click on the audio player below to hear our 20-minute interview about my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.



Click here to listen to my radio interviews on 102.9 Lite FM, Minnesota News Network and the Cirkla (more…)

My “One Minute U” Video

January 26, 2009

As long as I was making a video for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything, I thought I’d also make a video for One Minute U, a site I subscribe to and get daily e-mails from.

Here is info about the site:

One Minute U lets you learn anything fast with FREE one minute educational, how-to video clips. We offer thousands of free educational, DIY videos about every (more…)

World Premiere: The “Sixty Seconds” Video!

January 19, 2009

It is time to unleash the Sixty Seconds video on an unsuspecting world! I had flamed (more…)

“Sixty Seconds” Night at the Continuum Center

January 8, 2009

sixty-seconds-coverWe had a great evening of storytelling and lively conversation at the Continuum Center in Minneapolis on Wednesday, October 1. There were close to 100 people in the audience to hear six of the contributors to my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. I shared some photos from that evening in an earlier post but I now have the full video from that evening, courtesy of video master Roger Anderson. I hope you enjoy the presentations!




Mike Veeck’s Powerful Story of Courage and Hope

October 16, 2008


Mike Veeck speaks at the October 1 Continuum Center event

Baseball executive Mike Veeck was kind enough to join us at the Continuum Center on October 1 for an evening with six storytellers from my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.

When I read the story of Mike and his daughter in Sports Illustrated a few years back (click here to read The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), it brought me to tears. I knew I had to include his story in my book. When I contacted Mike, he was gracious enough to tell me the story from scratch so I could write it from a fresh new angle. Here is the start of his story in my (more…)

Another Serving of Humble Pie, Please

October 13, 2008

The Momma and me at the Continuum Center

At the October 1 Continuum Center event for my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything,” I was amused by how people treated me given that I was the “guest of honor” at an event that charged an admission fee. For example, while I was standing next to my mom, a couple people came up and gushed about how wonderful her son is.

That just makes me laugh. Sure, I wrote a book and hobnobbed with some very interesting people, but, c’mon, I’m still the same goofball I’ve always been—and always will be. (I mean that in a good way; and I couldn’t be prouder that I raised my daughter to be a second-generation goofball!) (more…)

A Night to Remember at the Continuum Center

October 8, 2008

sixty-seconds-coverWhat a great evening of storytelling and lively conversation at the Continuum Center in Minneapolis on Wednesday, October 1! There were close to 100 people in the audience to hear six of the contributors to my book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.

I spoke for a few minutes to open the evening, then introduced each of the speakers, who shared their stories and insights. Click here to watch separate videos of each speaker’s presentation.

Here is each speaker’s bio and story description:

Dr. Janis Amatuzio

Dr. Janis Amatuzio

STORY: Author and coroner DR. JANIS AMATUZIO is forever changed by an eyewitness account of life after death in the quiet predawn hours during her hospital internship.
BIO: Known as the “compassionate coroner,” Dr. Amatuzio writes and speaks about her personal experiences and insights regarding life after death and how to apply those lessons to live a richer, more rewarding life. She is a board-certified forensic pathologist and Chief Medical Examiner of Minnesota’s Anoka County system. Midwest Forensic Pathology, the company she founded, provides private autopsy services to numerous counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Her books, Forever Ours and Beyond Knowing, feature heartfelt stories of otherworldly experiences from patients transitioning between life and death, their grieving (more…)