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The Slo-Mo Challenge

June 13, 2009

A slow-motion capture of a drop of cream hitting a cup of coffee

I wrote in an earlier post how I often have to remind myself to breathe. Too often, I’m thinking too fast and moving too quickly, even when I’m sitting still.

About a week ago, I got another reminder. Something was hanging up my e-mail app: whatever I typed appeared on the screen one . . . letter . . . at . . . a . . . time. I kept on having to stop and wait for the letters to catch up with me. It was maddening! But then I thought, Hmmm, what if I typed that slowly on purpose? Would I be able to do that? What would the consequences be? So today I gave myself a challenge: Move in slow motion—be aware of every move I make, no matter how subtle—and see what happens.

What happened was wonderful.

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Do You Ever Forget to Breathe?

August 20, 2008

stressed-out-office-workerEvery day, I remind myself to slow down and breathe.  I start taking a few deep breaths and then I promptly forget and go right back to being fast-paced Phil. It’s maddening! What’s even more disconcerting is that taking a long, deep breath feels foreign to me. That bothers me. A lot. I want to slow down my pace, slow down my rhythm, slow down my life and be fully present. I know how important it is to take in enough oxygen and to be, as Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, calmly active and actively calm. 

Just a few years ago, I was living a calm, peaceful life. Then a gust of busyness blew me off course and I haven’t yet found my way back, even though I know that living a spiritual life is inconsistent with moving and thinking at warp speed.

I came across a quote in a magazine article that nailed it: “A wise man never rushes.” It makes perfect sense—when you rush, when your mind is racing, you lose focus and you no longer are in the moment. Acting slowly and deliberately allows you to keep your awareness high and stay attuned to the divine current.