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“My Son’s Angel”

December 7, 2010

I was touched by this story of one child caring for another child with special needs. We are blessed by every child who comes into the world with a pure heart filled with loving kindness. I am also grateful for people like Hartley and her husband, Jeff, who adopt children in need of loving parents.

by Hartley Steiner

Hartley Steiner

I met an Angel just a few weeks ago.

She is not the kind that lives in heaven, but the other kind, the kind that lives on earth.

She doesn’t have a halo (at least not one you can see). This Angel has blonde hair and a smile that reveals her missing tooth—giving away her age much like the wrinkles around my eyes give away my own.

Like most other Angels that you read about, she came at a time that she was needed, and gave Hope to someone who needed it desperately.

What makes this Angel special to me is that she came to help my (more…)