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Alan Pritz: Give Yourself to God

September 23, 2013

Alan Pritz

Alan Pritz

Alan Pritz is a spiritual and meditation teacher, author, musician, life coach, consultant and a personal friend. Here is an inspiring essay he wrote for

by Alan Pritz

Given 30 seconds to say what is most important in life, it’d be simple: give yourself to God.

God gets a mixed review, obviously a favorable spin from religious or spiritual types, but still one with vague undertones of uncertainty. The advice I gave sounds good but what does it really mean, why is it important, and how should one go about doing it?

Let’s cut to the chase. Life on earth isn’t easy. Even when wealthy or healthy, people may be miserable. With no way to know what’ll happen one minute to the next, control and security are illusory. Money, power, fame, sex, etc. promise happiness but inevitably disappoint because they lead nowhere. And more, they distract us from (more…)

Dance to Your Own Music

May 13, 2009

black-woman-dancing-joyfully-drawingSpiritual awakenings are often met with resistance from friends and loved ones who are bewildered by your desire to reinvent yourself.

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.
Angela Monet

Yes, people closest to you are concerned for your well-being, but also for their own—you stepping out of your comfort zone nudges them out of theirs. Why? On some level, they fear that as you learn and evolve, your relationship with them will change. They are right; it will.

Do not allow others to define your capacity for greatness. What they see in you matters not; (more…)