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Follow Your Destiny

December 8, 2008

destiny-iife-painted-on-highwayBy my fortieth birthday, I knew what my life’s work would be—encouraging and inspiring people to live more positive, loving lives. I began teaching a class on affirmations and spiritual principles at Pathways, a health crisis resource center, but my vision beyond that was foggy at best.

Slowly, the fog began lifting. My intuition informed me that I was to write a book based on the content of my class; I immediately began collecting relevant material and filing it away. A few years later, it occurred to me that asking prominent spirituality authors to tell me about a life-changing experience would be a fun way to connect to the writers I admired most; The Edge, a Minneapolis-based spiritual magazine, agreed to print them. And then Tires Plus founder Tom Gegax asked me to write a business book with him.

big-book-of-small-business-coverSoon after starting work on Tom’s book, the sunlight of divine inspiration burned off the lingering fog and all became clear. I was to write a trilogy of books. First would come The Big Book of Small Business. Next would be Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything, a collection of profound, inspiring stories from well-known people. And finally, a third book, the most challenging—and most rewarding—of the three, which I hope will be published in 2010.

sixty-seconds-coverIronically, the books were to come in reverse order of their initial foray into my consciousness. The first would be most technically demanding, the second would expand my wisdom, and the third would be the culmination of all that I had learned. (more…)