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Stronger Because They Have to Be

May 7, 2012

Chris Rumble

This incredibly moving three-minute video by leukemia patient Chris Rumble derives its power from its simplicity. On the surface, it is patients and nurses at the Seattle Children’s Hospital lip-syncing and dancing to Kelly Clarkson’s hit song, “Stronger.” Oh, but it is so much more than that. It speaks volumes about the hope, resiliency and strength of the human spirit.

According to this story on by JoNel Aleccia:

A 22-year-old leukemia patient with a talent for video has turned the fight against cancer into an online anthem celebrating strength — and recovery.

Chris Rumble of Kent, Wash., spent Saturday filming fellow patients, doctors and nurses on the hematology/oncology unit at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Dancing, singing and holding signs that (more…)

Lose the Fear of Losing What You Fear to Lose

March 19, 2009

CB037598Whatever you are afraid of losing in your life, close your eyes and let your imagination create a scenario in which your fear is realized. Walk yourself through that scenario in real time. Feel the sadness, the despair wash over you and through you. Then, still immersed in this dream world, emerge from your grief and move into acceptance. Feel what it feels like to live on the other side of  your fear. When you have regained your equilibrium, come back to the present . . . and know that you are forever changed.

When you have faced your fear, when you have moved through it and transcended it, the unknown is no longer your master, able to bring you to your knees with but a single thought. Your fear no longer has a death grip on you, for in your mind you have dealt with your greatest fear and its aftermath, and you have survived, wiser and stronger for the experience.

From this point on, life can only get better. As motivational pioneer Dale Carnegie observed, (more…)