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4th Impact Makes a Huge Impact!

November 16, 2015


The four sisters of 4th Impact

The four sisters of 4th Impact

I enjoy watching singing auditions on TV talent shows, but it’s been a long while since I’ve been this impressed and enthusiastic about an audition.

I love this four-girl group not only because they have powerhouse vocals, amazing harmonies and imaginative choreography, but also because they’re four sisters! I can’t even imagine the depth of the bond they have with each other and how special it must be to perform with cherished family members. Did I mention their infectious joy in performing and their over-the-top passion for performing?

Almira, Irene, Mylene aand Celina flew over from their native Philippines to audition for The X Factor on August 29, 2015. They are admirably following in the footsteps of  (more…)

Top Ten Singing Auditions!

October 28, 2013

I love watching total unknowns come out of nowhere on TV talent shows and blow everyone away with their vocal prowess. Here are my top ten favorite auditions from The X Factor, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

The X Factor (USA) (2013)

Lillie McCloud

Lillie McCloud

Lillie is what Whitney Houston could have been. She’s the epitome of authenticity. You can literally see the joy bubbling up from her soul to pour itself out in every note and every expression. I can’t stop watching her performances over and over.

Click here to see more performances from Lillie.

The X Factor (UK) (2012)

Jahmene Douglas

Jahmene Douglas

I love me some Jahmene! He disappears so completely in his music that he becomes a pure instrument of soulful expression. Music literally saved Jahmene’s life (more…)

Sam Bailey Has a Moment

September 25, 2013

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey

Let’s say you’re thirty-five, you’ve got a husband who loves you and a couple of kids you’re devoted to. Life’s been a grind so you’ve let yourself go a little physically but you’ve settled into a routine that suits you. It’s a nice life, and you’re reasonably happy.

But you have a dream.

So before it’s too late, you stand in (more…)

Marcus Canty’s Wish Comes True

October 7, 2011


Marcus Canty soaks it all in

Effervescent. That’s the word to describe twenty-year-old Marcus Canty. He won the hearts and minds of the judges and audience during his September 21, 2011 audition on The X Factor not just with the way he sang Stevie Wonder’s iconic I Wish, not just with the way he danced so purely and joyfully as he sang, but also for his bubbly personality and big heart.

Perhaps the best part of Marcus’ audition was when he finished singing. There he was, on a national stage in front of famous judges and an audience of thousands, soaking (more…)

Stacy Francis Lives Her Dream and Her Music

October 6, 2011

Stacy Francis

On the September 21, 2011 edition of The X Factor, Stacy Francis delivers a knockout performance on behalf of all women who are told they’re not talented enough, not pretty enough, and not young enough. For too many years, she believed those deceptions. Well, after bringing the crowd to its feet with her powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman, Stacy blew those lies right out of the water.

That’s what’s so great (more…)

At Last, Josh Krajcik’s Burrito-Slinging Days Are Over

October 4, 2011


Ya gotta love auditions like this in which the performer looks so hopelessly out of place that the judges can’t help but roll their eyes. When thirty-year-old burrito slinger Josh Krajcik said that he was going to sing At Last by Etta James, Simon Cowell disdainfully replied, “Really?” Yes, Simon. Really. As in (more…)

Melanie Amaro Goes Legend

October 2, 2011


Oh. My. God. Watching Melanie Amaro’s audition for The X Factor, I found myself physically trembling and on the verge of sobbing. Seriously. Not only is her voice that powerful, pure and true, she has a huge heart and a loving, supportive family, all of which adds up to an emotional wallop of a performance.

Perhaps my favorite part was (more…)