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Making a Deposit in a Snowbank

December 1, 2008

car-in-snowbankDriving home from Chicago in early December, I was forced to stay overnight at a Wisconsin motel after a snowstorm hit. The next morning, I hit the road again. But when I tried to pull off the highway to get to a gas station, my car skidded and I plowed right into the snowbank separating the highway and the exit lane.

Relieved that nothing dangerous had been lurking under the snowbank, I dropped my cell phone in my jacket pocket, got out of the car, and thumbed a ride up to the top of the exit and over to the gas station. Nobody at the station was very interested in my plight, although I did manage to procure a list of towing companies from the phone book.

However, when I reached in my jacket pocket, I found it empty. No cell phone. I checked every pocket I had, twice. I was already feeling a little dazed and out of my element, and the mystery of the vanishing cell phone only added to the surreal sense of the dilemma that continued to unfold. (more…)

Heroic Stories of Earth Angels

October 11, 2008

Here is a wonderful story from HeroicStories, a free e-letter filled with wonderful accounts of human kindness. 


by Susan Saunders
Victoria, Australia

earth-angel-josephine-wallWith two children in elementary school and one toddler in diapers, mornings were busy. One morning in 1987 all was well as I headed out, carrying my baby, diaper bag and purse. Just as I stepped through the front door, the baby vomited on us both.

Throwing down diaper bag and purse, I bathed us and changed our clothing. I snagged the diaper bag, ran out, buckled all three children and drove away. And we arrived as the first warning bell sounded!

Then my car died. A janitor heard me trying to restart it and came to assist. We couldn’t start it, so this gentleman helped PUSH my car a mile to a garage.