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The Bedtime Olympics!

November 27, 2009

Erin and me in the glory days of her kidhood

Like most kids, my daughter Erin was a pro at delaying bedtime. She’d ask for a glass of water (“Water for the daughter!”), then ask for a bedtime story—one from a book, followed by an original “Super Erin!” story. Then she’d be hungry (I’d sneak her bread and butter sometimes when her mom thought she was sleeping). Then it was time to rub her back (“Stay with me until I fall asleep, Daddy”).

I used to tell her, “If there was ever a Bedtime Olympics, you’d win a gold medal!”

Years later, when I was writing cartoon ideas for Strange Brew, a nationally syndicated cartoon panel originated and drawn by John Deering of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, it occurred to me that Erin’s bedtime stalling would make a great cartoon. John agreed, and was kind enough to use Erin’s real name to make it even more special!

So the night before Erin left to go to college in England for five months, we went to a restaurant and I presented her with the framed original artwork of the cartoon you see below (more…)