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No Time to Sleep

December 4, 2011

I have heard so many stories from so many people who heard a voice or felt a sense of urgency to do something right now that appeared to make no sense. Yet obeying that inner command turned out to be life-saving. This story by A.C. Brackett, Attalla, Alabama, appeared in Guideposts. Click here for another such Guideposts story.

What would ever compel this US Army sergeant to leave his warm bed when he wasn’t needed?

It was August 1969, a hot, humid night in Ban Me Thuot, Vietnam. I was stationed with the US Army as Communications Chief in charge of all radio communications, located inside the Command Post, a four-room reinforced concrete bunker, surrounded by sandbags.

I got undressed and into my bunk, hoping to get a few hours of sleep before I was on duty again. I rolled over and looked at the clock: 11:30 p.m. Seconds later I heard a voice say, “Get (more…)

The Urgency of Destiny’s Call

May 3, 2009

beckoning-angelIn an e-mail discussion with Rachel, a new Twitter friend, I mentioned that I felt a sense of urgency to advance my life’s work, that this was the season of my life to be as productive as possible. Rachel, who is twenty-six and lives in Costa Mesa, California, asked why I felt a sense of urgency.  I replied that I don’t want to waste even a minute doing something other than my life’s work. What I’m working on now is my gift to the world and I feel a responsibility to finish it sooner rather than later, and that I considered urgency a good thing. She responded:

I just finished The Art of Happiness and am now thinking about urgency because the Dalai Lama touched on it.  I know what you mean about it being a good thing now. How do you keep it in the front of your mind?  I intellectually know I need to accomplish my life’s work sooner rather than later but I spent last night watching hours of TV because I couldn’t get any momentum up to do things–even meditate and just clear my mind!  I’m really stumped here but I know it’s because I can’t find a way to think about it objectively.

That’s a big question that can be answered from any number of angles. First, what is (more…)