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Adam’s Year in India: Heeding the Call of Children in Need

May 4, 2012

Adam Johnson at the Jhamste Gatsal Children’s Community

On Thursday, April 18, while walking home from a yoga class, I passed by Adam Johnson, who like me is a member of Self-Realization Fellowship. I didn’t know Adam well, but had spoken to him briefly a few times. He was talking to a friend so I nodded and waved as I walked by. A few seconds later, Adam called out my name and walked over to talk. He looked happier than I had ever seen him. He gave me a business card highlighted with the words Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community and said that he was leaving the next day for India to volunteer teach at a children’s school for the next year. He would be chronicling his experiences in a blog, and asked if I’d look at it and give him some feedback. I said I’d be happy to and wished him luck.

A few days later, I watched the above video on the community’s website and was deeply moved by what I saw. What Adam is doing is incredible, dedicating a year of his life to helping poverty-stricken children half way across the world. Then again, I suspect Adam will be benefitting as much as or more than the children he will be helping. I was glad that I ran into Adam on the eve of his trip. In support of Adam and the Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community, I am presenting excerpts from the first few entries on Adam’s blog.

Click here to read Adam’s blog, Nanu Helper.

Click here to make a donation to Jhamste Gastal Children’s Community.


There is a need. We have known about communities around the world lacking water, food, shelter and education. The crisis has been ignored long enough. The time (more…)