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Making a Deposit in a Snowbank

December 1, 2008

car-in-snowbankDriving home from Chicago in early December, I was forced to stay overnight at a Wisconsin motel after a snowstorm hit. The next morning, I hit the road again. But when I tried to pull off the highway to get to a gas station, my car skidded and I plowed right into the snowbank separating the highway and the exit lane.

Relieved that nothing dangerous had been lurking under the snowbank, I dropped my cell phone in my jacket pocket, got out of the car, and thumbed a ride up to the top of the exit and over to the gas station. Nobody at the station was very interested in my plight, although I did manage to procure a list of towing companies from the phone book.

However, when I reached in my jacket pocket, I found it empty. No cell phone. I checked every pocket I had, twice. I was already feeling a little dazed and out of my element, and the mystery of the vanishing cell phone only added to the surreal sense of the dilemma that continued to unfold. (more…)