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Jewel: An All-American Success Story

September 25, 2010


I knew that Jewel had overcome challenges before she made it as a singer but I had no idea she had overcome so much. Her story is the epitome of rugged individualism. As a father, I would be worried sick if my daughter set out on a cross-country jaunt or was living in her car. And yet, those experiences are what made Jewel who she is today. Bravo for her doing whatever it took to get the job done.

Here is Jewel’s bio from her website. Like me, I bet you’ll have a new appreciation of her after you read it.


My name is Jewel. Jewel Kilcher. (Yes, Jewel is my real given name). I am 5’6”. I have green eyes, like my grandmother Ruth. Ruth was an aspiring opera singer who left pre-war Germany, got on a ship headed to Alaska to marry a man she hardly knew because she felt her future children must be born somewhere free.

She married Yule Kilcher, who was a young idealist who hiked across the Alaskan glaciers by foot, with a ladder on his back, which he used to bridge crevasses in the ice so he could walk over them. He was looking for adventure and new land, away from the Nazi movement. Alaska was still not a state in the late 40’s, so he was given (as all takers were) 600 acres of land for free if he promised to homestead it. He sent word back to his homeland of Switzerland, where many friends expressed wanting to move, that he had found a good piece of land. But none came, except (more…)