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Knock, Knock, God Is Calling

February 26, 2010

If your calling has ever come calling for you, then you know how Richard Stearns of Bellevue, Washington felt when his destiny tapped him on the shoulder . . . again and again and again. Destiny is funny that way; it keeps knocking until you open the door.

Richard’s story is a perfect example of the old adage, Coincidences are just God’s way of remaining anonymous. His story was printed in the March 2010 issue of Guideposts.

Richard Stearns in Zambia

When the phone rang in my office that morning, I had no idea how it would change my life.

I assumed it was a business call. In some sense it was. The caller was Bill Bryce, an old friend from church. “Hi, Rich,” Bill said. There was something funny in his voice.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Oh, sure,” he replied. He paused. “It’s just that our president’s leaving World Vision.” Bill had moved away several years earlier to take a job raising money for World Vision, an international humanitarian organization. I was one of his first donors, but I still didn’t know a whole lot about the organization.

Bill paused again. And then our phone call turned very weird. “Actually, that’s why I’m calling,” Bill continued. “I’ve been praying, Rich. And, um, the thing is, God told me you’re going to be the next president of World Vision.”

For a moment I was speechless. My eyes darted (more…)