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My Worst Day at Work

September 16, 2009

boss-yelling-at-employeeAs the right-hand man for a hot-tempered entrepreneur, I had thoroughly prepared for a crucial weekend meeting at his Minneapolis home. As soon as the meeting convened, he asked me to give copies of specific documents to the other two people there—the writer of the investment newsletter we produced and the copywriter of our promotional material who had flown into town expressly for this important strategy session.

I I had indeed brought those documents, but hadn’t thought it necessary to make copies for everyone else. Big mistake. Much screaming and swearing ensued. My two colleagues remained stone-faced and silent. I was ordered to return to our  office to make copies and gather even more documentation.

That was one long fifteen-mile car ride—I felt humiliated and furious. Hoping to avoid another tirade, I lifted all the Pendaflex files out of my desk drawer and put them in the trunk so I’d have access to every last shred of information. The rest of the meeting went off without a hitch—except for him yelling at his wife because she hadn’t prepared dinner just the way he liked it.

I was only twenty-six, with a young family to support. I took his abuse because I was afraid of losing a good paycheck. Still, within a year, I found the courage to quit and landed a much better, much calmer job. Looking back, I don’t regret working there at all. It (more…)