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Remind People That They Are Beautiful

December 7, 2008

My friend Jia was in despair. She had walked away from a great job as a research scientist in her early forties to pursue her dream of earning a medical degree in the U.S.; her credentials as a doctor in her native China were not recognized in America.

Jia has a kind heart, endless compassion, a keen intellect, and an astonishing work ethic. However, medical school was not going well; the head of her program was treating her harshly, advising her to drop out and telling her she would never make it as a doctor. Jia kept giving her best but felt lonely, isolated, and ostracized by her fellow students.

At ten o’clock one night, I was passing by Jia’s neighborhood on my way home, so I swung by her house and rang the bell. Jia opened the door looking sad and forlorn. I told her that I could only stay a couple of minutes and that I had just come over to tell her something.

I took her hand and gently (more…)

Be an Email Angel

October 23, 2008

computer-with-heart-screenHow would you like to do something extraordinary today? Just send this email to everyone on your list. I don’t mean as a group email, I mean one email at a time. It won’t take you long. Just keep cutting and pasting the same message—but be sure to personalize each email with the person’s name. (Granted, it may not be appropriate for everyone on your list. Use your discretion.)

An important reminder

NAME, never forget that you (more…)