Meditating Oceanside

Walking up into the SRF Meditation Gardens

This morning, I walked out of the townhouse I moved into two days ago and walked one block to the SRF Meditation Gardens. There, seated on a stone bench in front of the ocean on a beautiful sunny day, I did my morning meditation.

Click here to watch a four-minute video tour of the Meditation Gardens.

If I choose to meditate indoors, I can walk to the SRF temple two blocks in the opposite direction.

The sun. The ocean. Blue sky. Peace. Beauty.

Life is good.

Two of many stone benches in the Meditation Gardens

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2 Responses to “Meditating Oceanside”

  1. Margareta Gannon Says:

    Dear, dear Phil,

    I’m a kriyaban who has been reading your blog about Encinitas & just realized you’re living in the very townhome I lived in for 9 years. You’re in the J St. Apts., right? I lived in Encinitas for 23 years, till I had to leave. My heart is still there & reading about your adventures is bittersweet, causing both joy & tremendous pain. I wish you all of Master’s unceasing blessings poured out a million times. Yes, you really are in paradise. Don’t ever take it for granted. Continue going to the Gardens & the Hermitage every chance you get, as I did. I never had any intention of leaving my beloved Encinitas but now I’ve been away for 7 years, with no chance to return. I live on my memories. I hope you never have to do that. Now I’ll continue reading your wonderful posts about “my” home.

    With you at Master’s holy feet, Margareta Gannon

  2. Phil Bolsta Says:

    Hi, Margareta! Yes, I’m in the J Street Apartments. It’s the ideal location, as you well know. Every day, I stop on the sidewalk and think, “I’m in Encinitas. I live her. What? How is that possible?” I can assure you that I don’t take that for granted! The word “paradise’ is part of my daily vocabulary. I haven’t missed a Sunday tour of the Hermitage yet; it’s always a weekly highlight. I’m sorry to hear that you had to leave your beloved Encinitas. I’m glad you have nine years’ worth of memories to sustain you. May Master’s blessings ceaselessly shower down upon you and may you melt in blissful contentment in Divine Mother’s arms as she cradles you in her tender embrace.

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