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Are There Any Questions?

November 28, 2015


This simple story, from Robert Fulghum’s book, It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, is a profound reminder of the healing, purifying and transformative power of forgiveness and the innate goodness of humankind.

by Robert Fulghum

“Are there any questions?” An offer that comes at the end of college lectures and long meetings. Said when an audience is not only overdosed with information, but when there is no time left anyhow. At times like that you sure do have questions. Like, “Can we leave now?” and “What the hell was this meeting for?” and “Where can I get a drink?”

The gesture is supposed to indicate openness on the part of the speaker, I suppose, but if in fact you do ask a question, both the speaker and the audience will give you drop-dead looks. And some fool—some earnest idiot—always asks. And the speaker always answers. By repeating most of what he has already said.

But if there is a little time left and there is a little silence in response to the invitation, I usually ask the most important question of all: “What is the Meaning of Life?”

You never know, somebody may have the answer, and I’d really hate to miss it because I was too socially inhibited to ask. But when I ask, it’s usually taken as a kind of absurdist move—people laugh and nod and gather up their stuff and the meeting is dismissed on that ridiculous note.

Once and only once, I asked that question and got a serious answer. One that is with me still.

First, I must tell you where this happened, because the place has a power of its own. In Greece again.

Near the village of Gonia, on a rocky bay of the island of Crete, sits a Greek Orthodox monastery. Alongside it, on land donated by the monastery, is an institute dedicated to human understanding and peace, and especially to rapprochement between Germans and Cretans. An improbable task, given the bitter residue of wartime.

This site is important, because it overlooks the small airstrip at Maleme where Nazi paratroopers invaded Crete and were attacked by (more…)

Loving Liz

November 27, 2015

Preston and Liz Palmer

Preston and Liz Palmer

When I introduced Preston and Liz to each other at our favorite restaurant some years back, I didn’t realize I was setting in motion an epic love story! Liz recently posted this letter from Preston and gave me permission to share it.

BONUS: Click here to see the secretly spectacular and spectacularly secret wedding of Preston and Liz Palmer.

Here is what Liz wrote:

This morning I woke up and found an envelope on the shelf next to my toothbrush … It contained a letter from my husband and these earrings. The letter said:

Lizzy, I went for a ride after my meeting last night. Driving aimlessly for a while, I ended up at Hard Times Cafe, where a sweet, wrinkly old Native American Indian woman with a braid in her hair approached me with a small collection of earrings. Her husband was sitting outside on the curb making more by hand. I told her I didn’t really see any that I thought my wife would love. She asked in a way you can imagine an old Indian woman in her wise voice would ask, “What is it your wife loves?”

preston-liz-palmer-earringsI thought for a second and responded with reserved pride in my cleverness, secretly hoping to stump (more…)

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

November 25, 2015



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Co-director Paola di Florio

Co-director Paola di Florio

Awake: The Life of Yogananda, the documentary exploring the life of Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, opened in theaters nationwide in the fall of 2014.

Co-director Lisa Leeman

Co-director Lisa Leeman

The film quickly gained great acclaim, winning prestigious awards at major film fests, including the (more…)

Adele Impersonates Adele . . . to Perfection!

November 21, 2015

Teaming up with the BBC’s Graham Norton, the superstar singer disguised herself as an Adele impersonator and hung out with a bunch of other Adele impersonators. The result? Priceless!

Adele’s lark is reminiscent of this awesome Jewel prank when she went undercover at (more…)

We Are All Refugees

November 20, 2015

I am proud to share this beautiful essay by my beautiful daughter, Erin, who posted it yesterday on social media. It is well thought out, well articulated and well-crafted, which is no surprise given that Erin is a smart, loving and amazing human being.

Here is Erin’s essay.

refugees-running-silhouetteMy very existence was determined by multiple ancestry strains leaving their homelands, searching for safety and security. The blood that runs in my veins encompasses numerous nationalities, religions, and legacies of people who left all they knew. Of people whose hearts were never the same after their families, friends, and neighbors were murdered. Of people who didn’t speak the language of their new “home” and were never welcomed.

The blood that runs in my veins is also the blood of the people left behind, the ones who couldn’t (more…)

A Life Saved, A Humble Hero

November 19, 2015


This incredible story is from my good friend and chiropractor, Pete L’Allier. Thank God for unsung heroes who are willing to put themselves at risk to help others in need. May we all be so noble and brave should life ask us to be.

I looked at a patient’s X-ray today and told him he had a compression fracture in his spine that had occurred some time ago. He was unaware he had this injury, but I told him it had to have been the result of trauma. I asked him if he remembered any type of trauma that could have caused it. He immediately said yes, but then explained that it was hard to talk about and apologized if he (more…)

4th Impact Makes a Huge Impact!

November 16, 2015


The four sisters of 4th Impact

The four sisters of 4th Impact

I enjoy watching singing auditions on TV talent shows, but it’s been a long while since I’ve been this impressed and enthusiastic about an audition.

I love this four-girl group not only because they have powerhouse vocals, amazing harmonies and imaginative choreography, but also because they’re four sisters! I can’t even imagine the depth of the bond they have with each other and how special it must be to perform with cherished family members. Did I mention their infectious joy in performing and their over-the-top passion for performing?

Almira, Irene, Mylene aand Celina flew over from their native Philippines to audition for The X Factor on August 29, 2015. They are admirably following in the footsteps of  (more…)