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The Only Distance Between You and God

January 12, 2010

The only distance between you and God is the thought that you are separate from God. Believe that God is not present within you and you go through life disconnected from the very essence that sustains you.

To think you are separate from God is to remain separate from your own being.
D. M. Street

God is not just present in every human being. There is no thing and no place where God is not. Expand the scope of your vision and, no matter what you look at, God’s (more…)

Religion vs. Spirituality

August 14, 2008

the-eye-of-god-hubbleHistorically, the belief that we are separate from God was the chief differentiator between spirituality and most of the world’s major religions. Over the last few decades, however, many faiths have embraced a more spiritual point of view.

Organized religion typically represents God as an external entity while spirituality portrays the Divine as an integral aspect of our humanity.

Both paths offer rich rewards. Some religious followers find deep meaning in celebrating and paying homage to their family heritage. Some spiritual seekers find peace and purpose in celebrating and honoring their Divine heritage.

Both paths have pitfalls. Organized religion plays a (more…)